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Promotion 1st Time

How to Become Eligible for Promotion

1.   General Advancement Pre-Requisites  (Ref: CAPR 60-1, 5.2.3)
Be a current CAP cadet, as shown in eServices.
Be able to recite the Cadet Oath from memory.
Participate actively in unit meetings.

2.   Leadership:  
Take Cadet Interactive Learn to Lead chapter 1 module OR pass an online test on Learn To Lead chapter 1, with a grade of 80% or higher, open-book. 

To find the test and Cadet Interactive module go to eServices> Learning Management System > Go to AXIS > Cadet Achievement tab
This test includes multiple-choice questions and a section testing performance in drill and ceremonies.

3.   Aerospace:  
There is no requirement for the Curry Achievement.

4.   Fitness: 
Attempt the cadet physical fitness test.
See where you are relative to the Healthy Fitness Zone.
Set personal goals and begin working towards them.

5.   Character:   
Participate in the Cadet Wingman Course offered at the squadron.  

6.  Special Requirement: 
Cadet Welcome Course.  In AXIS or at the squadron.

7.   Honor Credit: 
Available.  Complete Learn to Lead Chapter 1 test AND Interactive module.

Leadership Expectations

Fulfilling the promotion eligibility requirements above is only half the battle. You also need to show that you have some leadership skills. Look at the goals below and once in a while ask yourself how well you're doing in those areas.

Displays a positive attitude; optimistic; enthusiastic; team-orientated

Core Values
Aware of the Core Values; honest; wears uniform properly; practices customs and courtesies

Communication Skills
Listens actively; attentive; asks good questions

Sense of Responsibility
Follows directions; dependable; arrives ready to learn and serve; effective in managing own time

Interpersonal Skills
Not applicable

Critical Thinking
Not applicable

Delegation Skills
Not applicable

Typical Duties

Element member 



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